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About Us
Melissa P. Malcom, LLC, counsels businesses throughout metro-Atlanta and across Georgia on employment and corporate law to help its clients grow and succeed.  The firm teaches business owners, managers and Human Resource professionals the warning signs and situations that merit a call to their legal team.  Preventing lawsuits is much better than defending one -- even if your business wins the suit.

Careful contract negotiation and writing is key to preventing litigation.  This is especially true with your business's organizational documents.  Carefully written bylaws, operation agreements, redemption agreements and succession planning allow businesses to survive challenges, such as one partner getting upset and leaving, going through a divorce, or becoming disabled.  Business partners must plan for decision making, compensation, raising capital and taking on debt at the beginning, while they still agree.

Litigation is sometimes inevitable, however.  When Melissa P. Malcom, LLC's, clients face a suit, the firm zealously prepares each aspect of its client's defense.  This may include going on the offense by filing a counterclaim, or countersuit.  The firm will go fight for its clients, defending a suit all the way to final judgment.  But it also counsels its clients on the potential value of settling, if any, along the way.

The firm's mission is to protect your business and help it grow.